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Every bit of this is done out of pocket from restoring client vehicles, and thrift sales.


The only way I'm able to fund this, and pay my crew to help me make this happen is with your help, alongside work coming through the shop!


A lot of the time I'm in the shop late at night on my own time, away from my normal daily client project work.


There is no multi-million dollar backing. Just lil ol' me and my crew trying to make something cool happen. It's up to you guys and us busting our asses at work to make this thing explode!

Every $1 spent purchasing our clothing & items = 1 Entry!!

1963 Corvair Monza

Girl in Car

We Want To Help

As soon as the shop is ready and able, we're going to start doing a different type of car giveaways alongside the main giveaway builds.

My plan is to bring in daily drivers that need minor repairs.
'll make sure they're mechanically sound, freshen up the exterior & interior, give them a decent little sound system if needed, and give them away to people in need.

These vehicles won't be entered for by purchasing ANYTHING!
We'll instead take submissions by those who know of someo
ne in need.
Someone down and out, needing to get back on their feet.

We all know far too well that transportation is freedom.
Transportation, a majority of the time is all it takes to get you on the track you want, or need to be on for success, or even just to make
it in general.

So our goal is to help with just that!

These cars will come ready to go, with a year of free maintenance, along with details on how to check fluids, and take care of common checks, and everyday know how about the vehicle to keep these folks out of a shop and away from pricey mechanics! 

Car Door


How many of you wondering which side of this thing is the front? How many of you want to win this thing in a giveaway? Yeah I said it. We're in the process of giving this thing a resto, upgrades, alterations, customizations & letting it go to a lucky winner along with a cash prize!!! “He playing right?” Nahh, this is no joke! One lucky Slack Slob is going home with this thing & a pocket full of cash. 


SO CHECK IT! We're "SUICIDING" the rear doors, restoring the body, repairing the floor pans, painting it black on bottom, silver on top, lowering it, dropping a nice little banging system in it, throwing white walls under it with baby moons, going over the engine & other mechanicals/wiring, and cleaning up the already re-upholstered interior! This baby is going to be bad and it’s going to be one of yours. Keep and eye out for gallery uploads of build progress!!


The Chevrolet Corvair is a compact car manufactured by Chevrolet for model years 1960–1969 in two generations. It is still the only American-designed, mass-produced passenger car with a rear-mountedair-cooled engine.[1] The Corvair was manufactured and marketed in 4-door sedan, 2-door coupe, convertible, 4-door station wagon, passenger van, commercial van, and pickup truck body styles in its first generation (1960–1964) as well as 2-door coupe, convertible and 4-door sedan in its second (1965–1969).

Competitors included the Volkswagen BeetleFord FalconPlymouth ValiantStudebaker Lark, and the Rambler American.

The Corvair's reputation and legacy, as well as those of General Motors, were tarnished by accusations about its handling ability: the car was scrutinized in Ralph Nader's 1965 book Unsafe at Any Speed. GM's top management resorted to unethical measures in response to its accuser. Ralph Nader's accusations were proven false by the 1972 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration safety commission report. Support for the tests, conducted at College Station, Texas was provided by the Texas Transportation Institute (TTl). Texas A&M University Research Foundation. The investigation concluded: "The 1960-1963 Corvair understeers in the same manner as conventional passenger cars up to about 0.4g lateral acceleration, makes a transition from understeer, through neutral steer, to oversteer in a range from about 0.4g to 0.5g lateral acceleration. This transition does not result in abnormal potential for loss of control. The limited accident data available indicates that the rollover rate of the 1960-1963 Corvair is comparable to other light domestic cars. The 1960-1963 Corvair compared favorably with the other contemporary vehicles used in the NHTSA Input Response Tests. The handling and stability performance of the 1960-1963 Corvair does not result in an abnormal potential for loss of control or rollover and it is at least as good as the performance of some contemporary vehicles both foreign and domestic.”[2]

The name "Corvair" is a portmanteau of Corvette and Bel Air,[3] a name first applied in 1954 to a Corvette-based concept with a hardtop fastback-styled roof, part of the Motorama traveling exhibition.[4]

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